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Searching for Employment:
Put on your poker face! Job searching, whether for an internship or a full-time job, can be time consuming and defeating without a game strategy. Some are dealt a lucky hand - cashing in on the perfect job within a couple rounds, but not everyone in the game is that lucky. You need to go in with a plan: utilize multiple search resources, take time to review your needs as well as the materials being used to market you, and network with your competitors for tips.There will always be knowledgeable and smart competitors in the game. But if you dedicate your time to practicing and perfecting your resources, as well as learning how to play the game, you'll ultimately come out the winner.

Don't chance it... take full advantage of all job search resources and remember, the career center staff is here to help you get started - or restarted!

The College Central Network:
The FGCU Career Center online job posting system involves a cooperative effort with: College Central Network. All FGCU students and alumni are eligible to use the service. Hundreds of jobs are posted, and the site is updated with new postings daily. Click here [.pdf] for directions on how to register in our network!

Utilize College Central for the following job types:

  • Full time off-campus jobs

  • Part time off-campus jobs

  • On-campus jobs

  • Internships


If you review the postings at College Central and do not find one that interests you, make an appointment with one of the Career Center staff members and we will help you identify other possibilites. Call (239)590-7946 or email

NACElink for StudentsNaceLink: is a national recruiting network and suite of web based recruiting and career services automation tools serving the needs of colleges, employers and job candidates. 

employ  is an online tool with thousands of listings in Florida, making finding a job that fits an individuals needs and skills easily accessed with a few mouse clicks.

Newspapers:  local newspaper magazines can be a valuable resource for people searching for a job in a specific city.

Other Online Resources: remember when using other online resources, such as Monster or CareerBuilder, that you are competing with hundreds of people on a national level. Don't let the job search frustrate you if you are using these tools with little success. You may just need to broaden your search efforts.

The Office of Career Development Services acts only as a referral service, and makes no particular recommendations regarding off-campus employers. Career Development is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment. Due to the high volume of jobs received by our offices, we are unable to research the integrity of each organization, business, or person listing a job with us. Therefore you, the student, are urged to undertake this responsibility yourself.


Six Steps for First-Time Job Hunters
Congratulations! You made it through college, have your degree in hand and are ready to make your mark. You are now in the real world and it's time to get your professional life started. If you are in the middle of this crossroad, it can be scary, exciting, confusing, overwhelming or all of the above. Following are some steps to make a successful college-to-real world transition.

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