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Career Development Services

Career Development Services



General Policy - Guidelines for Usage

Career Development Services acts only as a referral service, and makes no particular recommendations regarding off-campus employers. Career Development is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment. Due to the high volume of jobs received by our offices, we are unable to research the integrity of each organization, business, or person listing a job with us. Therefore you, the student, are urged to undertake this responsibility yourself. For more info, please see our full guidelines for usage.

Social Media Policies


  • CDS staff will not connect with or follow current FGCU students on social networking sites with their personal accounts (this includes Facebook, and Twitter).
  • CDS staff may connect on LinkedIn with FGCU students in the last semester of the student’s senior year, at CDS staff member discretion.
  • Student recommendations cannot be made, in accordance with NACE guidelines, unless you have directly worked with the student in the capacity of a supervisor. (This applies to LinkedIn requests as well as other requests for recommendations.)
  • CDS staff will view the social media profiles of students, by request, to assist students in maintaining appropriate privacy settings and developing a professional profile during advising appointments.
  • CDS will offer career education to support student awareness of how to develop and maintain a professional online presence as well as how to use social media for purposes of career exploration and job search.


  • In fairness to all employers in our database, CDS will not follow individual employer organizations. Employers are encouraged to connect with the CDS on our various social media platforms.
  • For Facebook, employers are encouraged to “Like” our Facebook page.
  • CDS retains the right to select employer-generated social media content for potential distribution across our social media platforms.
  • In accordance with NACE Principles for Professional Practice, employers should not require or request that job candidates provide login or password information to their personal social media accounts as a condition of employment or to be considered for employment.


  • CDS staff may connect with alumni via LinkedIn and other social media at their discretion.
  • CDS may promote alumni participation in student-alumni engagement events, guest speakers or panelists via its social media platforms.
  • Alumni may be invited to share content related to their careers on CDS social media platforms, or to guest blog.
  • CDS retains the right to select alumni-generated social media content for potential distribution across CDS social media platforms.

Campus Partners

  • CDS will follow campus partners across various social media platforms.
  • CDS may cross-promote career-related content from campus partners when appropriate and for specific events co-sponsored with our office.
  • CDS retains the right to select campus-generated social media content for potential distribution across our social media platforms.