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Welcome from the Dean of Students


The Dean of Students’ Office

Our Mission

Integral to the mission of Florida Gulf Coast University, the Dean of Students' Office engages students in the University community through academic support, leadership development and involvement opportunities which promote global citizenship and appreciation of diverse perspectives.
Revised October 2011

  • The Dean of Students’ Office at Florida Gulf Coast University plays an important role in enriching, maintaining and evaluating the overall quality of student life at FGCU. We support the academic mission of the University by facilitating personal, academic, civic, social, spiritual and professional development in our students.
  • The Dean of Students’ Office works directly with students to help solve problems and to assist in individual and group crisis management.
  • The Dean of Students’ Office cultivates a caring and supportive campus environment while preparing students for leadership in a dynamic, multicultural society.
  • The Dean of Students’ Office actively promotes campus involvement, diversity and retention through our student organizations which range in orientation from service, fraternities and sororities, media, student governance, performance, multicultural, and academic interest.
  • The Dean of Students’ Office is a general resource for all students and will advocate for students when appropriate. Staff in the Dean’s office assist in establishing standards of conduct as well as disseminating and enforcing University rules, regulations, and policies.

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FGCU Dean of Students

Updates to Student Code of Conduct


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Student Conduct
Cohen Center, 2nd Floor Rm.#288
(239) 590-7900

Multicultural & Leadership Development
Cohen Center, 2nd Floor Rm.#255
(239) 590-7990

Student Involvement
Cohen Center, 2nd Floor Rm.#258A
(239) 590-7739
Student Government
Cohen Center, 2nd Floor
(239) 590-7948

Student Support Services and Outreach
CROP and Scholars Program
McTarnaghan Hall, 2nd Floor Rm. #202
(239) 590-7834  

Eagle News
McTarngaghan Hall, 2nd Floor Rm. #217
(239) 590-7834