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Office of New Student Programs

Office of New Student Programs

Parent and Family Programs


Staying Informed

Want to have a better understanding of the challenges that new students typically face in their first year of college and learn how you can help your student successfully meet these challenges? Check out our Family Business Newsletter for information on upcoming campus events, important dates and deadlines, and opportunities for campus involvement!

Congratulations on making it through the first year of college!  To download our Family Business Newsletter:

FGCU May Family Business Newsletter

If you are not on the New Student Programs electronic distribution list, but would like to receive montly notifications from our office, please fill out the Parent Contact Form and return it to


New Student Programs is on Social Media!

Log on to Facebook and like the New Student Programs page! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @FGCU_NSP. We will post reminders, announcements, and keep you up-to-date with what is going on at FGCU. Please encourage your students to follow us too, so they also receive current information.


Helpful Links for Parents and Family Members:                      Family Business Newsletter Archive:

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Student Hold Key                                                                            January Newsletter

                                                                                                      February Newsletter

                                                                                                      March Newsletter

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