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Completing the First Year...

As the month of April begins, students realize that they are close to completing their first year of college! The registration period for summer and/or fall 2014 classes has begun, and students may have concerns about their class schedule or course availability as they access Gulfline to create their course schedules. It is always wise for students to consult an academic advisor in their college to address their scheduling issues, so that they stay on track with required courses and prerequisite courses needed for their program of study.       

The end of the semester brings with it a host of culminating events and social engagements that can be very time consuming for students who are a part of numerous student organizations.  While these activities are exciting and fun, they can take a great deal of time and energy to plan. Many papers and projects will be due at this time, and final exams will occur at the end of the month, so it is easy for some students to struggle to focus on their studies. As the semester winds down, some students will realize that they are not performing well in their classes and they may find themselves putting in extra time on their academics. Stress levels and fatigue will be high as students work hard to manage social and academic demands.

With everything they have to manage in their lives, you may have to remind your student to make sure they line up a job for the summer, especially if they need to earn money to cover expenses for the upcoming academic year.


How Families Can Help:

  • Gently remind your student to get plenty of rest, eat healthy, and make good choices at this point in the semester. Becoming run down and tired makes it easy to become ill. 
  • Your student may share that they are struggling with their academics and not doing as well as they had hoped. Do your best to be supportive: listen, acknowledge their feelings and help them brainstorm a course of action to address their concerns. 
  • This is the point in the semester when most students need a boost. Sending a card or a small care package wishing them good luck on their finals sends the message that you are behind them 100 percent! 
  • If your student has not finalized plans for a summer job, suggest that they visit the office of Career Development Services for local job postings.


Important Dates:

  • June 23    -Summer B Classes Begin
  • June 27    -Last Day to Drop/Withdraw from Classes
  • July 4        - Independance Day Holiday Observed (No Classes)
  • August 1   -Finals end/last day of summer B semester
  • August 2   -Commencement - Summer B


Helpful Links for Parents and Family Members: