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Office of Student Conduct

Office of Student Conduct


A student charged with academic dishonesty will have the case resolved as follows:

1. The faculty member of record in the class communicates with the student and informs him or her of the allegations against the student. If the student accepts responsibility for the academic dishonesty, the student will receive an academic sanction determined by the faculty member of record, which may include a failing grade in the class. In concert with this meeting, the faculty member completes the Faculty Referral/Summary Adjudication form and secures the signature or other form of acceptance by the student. Faculty Referral/Summary Adjudication forms are available online at:

The completed Faculty Referral/Summary Adjudication form is then submitted to the Dean of Students' Office to be included in the student’s conduct file.

2. If, after the faculty member of record communicates with, and informs, the student of the allegation against him or her, the student denies responsibility for the actions, or the allegations are so egregious (such as having more than one incident of academic dishonesty on record with the University or in the course) the matter is immediately referred to the Dean of Students Office to coordinate the hearing process.

3. The faculty member of record in the class informs the student(s) that he or she has been submitted by direct faculty referral for a suspected academic integrity violation to the Dean of Students' Office for investigation of the allegation and to coordinate the hearing process.

4. Procedure for reporting academic dishonesty:

a) Faculty must contact the Dean of Students' Office with the student’s name and University Identification Number (UIN) to determine if the student has a prior academic dishonesty history. Only emails sent from the faculty’s University email account will be accepted.

1) Once the Dean of Students Office has been contacted, upon request of the faculty member making the referral, the Dean of Students Office will notify the Registrar’s Office that the student may not withdraw from the class during the investigation/hearing process. If a student attempts to drop a class prior to the end of the investigation/hearing process, the student will be restored to the class roster and the appropriate grade or penalty will be imposed, if applicable. The faculty member is “responsible” for notifying the student that they have been re-enrolled in the class.

2) The faculty member has the authority to adjudicate first offense violations of academic dishonesty and impose a grade penalty. Second offenses must be referred to the Dean of Students Office for hearing with the Academic Integrity Committee.

b) In circumstances where a case is more complex, the University may determine the type of hearing to be utilized for resolution of the case.

c) The Charged Student may inspect any available information presented in support of the charges and take notes prior to the hearing with the faculty member or the Academic Integrity Committee.

5. The Academic Integrity Committee will hear the case and make a determination of whether there is a preponderance of information to find the student “responsible” for academic dishonesty. If the student is determined to be “responsible” for academic dishonesty, the committee will recommend a disciplinary sanction which may include expulsion.

6. The Dean of Students will review the decision of the Academic Integrity Committee, make the final determination, and provide written notice of the determination to the student and faculty of record. The final determination will include the basis for the determination and if the determination of the Dean of Students is different from the recommendation of the Committee, then the reasons of those differences will be included in the written decision.

7. After the determination by the Academic Integrity Committee, the faculty of record will assign the student a final grade (which may include a failing course grade). The faculty member may then, if necessary, process the appropriate grade change with the Registrar’s Office.